Visual Assist's Tip of the Century

Probably you know the Visual Assist plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, which makes C++ programming in the environment zillion times handier. The story is about the bootstrap tip that highlights the feature of restoring files. While the tip window is shown, there is a second dialog box painted in the window. Since it is centred w.r.t. the screen, you perceive it as a real dialog box. Moreover, it is the usual case when Visual Assist suggests you to load some files from backup while MSVS is loading, because it does not always shut down properly. Thus, you try to close it clicking Yes or No, but nothing happens! The box is still in its place! That was really annoying.

In the later versions the developers solved the problem. They just marked the box as the example. The nice lack and the nice solution.

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  1. Jack says:
    15 July 2017 at 15:28

    I am trying to learn Microsoft visual studio these days and always look for something related to it over the net. Glad that I have read it, thanks for sharing it with us

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