LidarK 2.0 released

The second major release of GML LidarK is now available. It reflects our 3-year experience on 3D data processing. The description from the project page:

The LidarK library provides an open-source framework for processing multidimensional point data such as 3D LIDAR scans. It allows building a spatial index for performing fast search queries of different kinds. Although it is intended to be used for LIDAR scans, it can be helpful for a wide range of problems that require spatial data processing.

The API has been enriched with various features in this release. Indeed, it became more consistent and logical. New ways to access data (i.e. various iterators) are implemented. One can now find k nearest neighbours for any point, not just for one that belongs to the index. Since the data structure is a container, we've decided to parametrize it with template parameter. This decision is controversive: one does not need to cast tuples any more, but the code became clumsier and less portable, unfortunately.

The C++/MATLAB code is licensed free of charge for academic use. You can download it here.

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