[CFP] GraphiCon-2011 and MSCVSS

Our lab traditionally organizes GraphiCon, the major (and may be the only) conference in Russia specialized in computer graphics and computer vision. The conference is not very selective, still it has a decent community of professionals behind it. So, if you want to get a quality feedback on your preliminary work, or always wanted to visit Russia, consider submitting a paper by May, 16.

Special offer for young readers of my blog: If it is the place where you learned about the conference and decided to submit a paper, I'll buy you a beer during the conference. :) Consider it another social micro-event.

Another piece of news is primarily for undergrads and PhD students from Russia. Our lab and Microsoft Research organize another event this summer: Computer vision summer school. There are such lecturers as Cristoph Lampert and Andrew Zisserman, among others. Participation is free of charge, and accommodation is provided. Deadline is on April, 30. You should not miss it!

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