Computer Vision: Fact & Fiction

I was surfing the web today and came upon Stanford CS 223B course (Introduction to Computer Vision), which is said to be fucking hard. The first course homework is to watch the series of films "Computer Vision: Fact & Fiction" where computer vision stars (like David Forsyth and Andrew Zisserman) analyse computer vision technologies featured in Hollywood movies. The videos require no background in Vision and might be interesting to everyone. To me, it is also interesting to see how the famous vision folks look and talk.

My friend Tolya Yudanov spoke about that to talk about realistic in The Terminator movie is like "arguing about physical correctness of animé. Terminator is the complex AI of the future, and it is stupid to apply modern computer vision criteria to it." So, it is a good illustration of the concept of computer blindness. I encourage you to watch the videos, they are worth watching.

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