OpenCV bindings

If you are a computer vision researcher or an engineer, you cannot miss OpenCV library. Even if you are not, it could be useful to you. For example, here is a funny application: camera shots a programmer's face when a merge fails. If you are not familiar with the library, I recommend you to look through the list of its features on Wikipedia.

OpenCV is written in C to be extremely portable (for example, to DSP). The fact is C is not very popular nowadays. The recent release 2.0 contains (besides the other decent stuff) also C++ and Python wrappers. What about the other languages?

There are a number of C# wrappers. The most known is EmguCV, which is reported to be the only C# wrapper that supports OpenCV 2.0 (actually, I don't now what it means, but I suppose the API should correspond the C++ interface). It is distributed under GPL or the "Commercial License with a small fee".

As for Java, JavaCV seems to be the only viable wrapper. It also contains wrappers for other popular libraries like FFmpeg. It is also distributed under GPL, but the author promised to discuss weakening it if needed.

OpenCV was being supported by Intel, but it became a FOSS project recently. They are also going to participate in Google Summer of Code. If they will succeed, you might try to apply. I think it is a nice experience to develop such a popular library and be paid for it. :)

One of the fields they want to develop is augmented reality support for Android operating system. When I get known that there is an AR API in Android, I decided to try it. So, this is going to be a good opportunity!

UPD (Aug 6, 2011). There appeared a Haskell (!) wrapper for OpenCV by Noam Lewis.
Also, OpenCV folks are developing the official Java wrapper. Looking forward to use it!

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